About SizCom Training Institute

SizCom Laptop and Smartphone training institute is a professional electronic device service engineering institution located in calicut.

There is millions of laptop and smartphone are shipped every day in the world companies like Samsung, Nokia, Apple, Dell, HP, Lenovo etc. There are 6.8 billion mobile subscriptions worldwide. Therefore the laptop and smartphone servicing are going an excited job in India and other countries. Same time the laptop or Smartphone services are few numbers in our surround.One can say that scope of this field last forever in India and abroad.

Skilled man power is growing exponentially in this field. But most of the educational institute in India focuses on theoretical education. But the industry needs manpower which has practical exposure. So we Sizcom introducing the Laptop and smartphone Engineering Institute.

SizCom Providing Engineering Courses like..

  • Apple Technician Course
  • Diploma in laptop engineering(6-month)
  • Advance diploma in laptop engineering with BGA rework station BIOS programming
  • Diploma in smart phone servicing(6-months)
  • Advance diploma in smart phone servicing with special training in apple products.

Why - Sizcom Institute of Laptop Engineering

We offer highly effective Laptop & Smartphone chip level servicing course. Our technicians and teachers have prepared course curriculum of laptop and Smartphone repair training in such a way that it gives step by step instructions for repairing laptop & Smartphone; they are experts in this field. We have provided the certificates of every course are accredited by the STED council (scientific & technical education development council). We offer hands on service center training after completion of the course from service centers trainees get real time experience to troubleshoot modern laptop and smart phones. After successful completion of the course and training we provide placement assistance based on the marks they scored in the final exam. If you want to start a laptop service center for profit, Sizcom is right place here.

Courses providing

SizCom Certified Mac Technician (ACMT) verifies the ability to perform basic troubleshooting and repair of both desktop and portable Macintosh systems, such as iMac and MacBook Pro. ACMT certification exams emphasize identifying and resolving common Mac OS X problems, and using Apple Service and Support products and practices to effectively repair Apple hardware.
The course duration of laptop chip level servicing is six month. Course contents are computer hardware, laptop assembling and dissembling, electronics, smd electronics, laptop mother board chip level, Laptop mother board trouble shooting. After successful completion of course we provide service center individual training.
This course is designed for those who want to learn laptop and smart phone servicing in advanced level. The course duration is 1 year. There are two modules in this course. First module is same as diploma in laptop chip level servicing. In second module we proving modern chip level service machines like BGA rework station, BIOS programmer, CRO, software & hardware servicing of tablet pc, Smartphone, iphone & basic networking wireless networking etc

Let's Work Together!

Our Specialities

100% practical course with all new models.

Fast track & regular classes

Lifetime Technical Backup support.

Professional environment

Cover all types of electronics circuits.

Placement assistance for those who completed the course successfully.

Understand laptop/smart phone problems and can repair/troubleshoot them in chip level.

Can identify major and micro components/chips of a laptop / smartphone.

Understand working on different chips placed on the motherboard of laptops/smart phone

Assemble/dissemble all types of laptops and smart phones

Checking & replacing Chip Level Electronic Components

Repairing of laptops power supply and adapters.

Can replace Laptop/smart phones, LCD battery, motherboard.

Can diagnose and repair laptop/smart phone software problems.

Can do the job as a Laptop/smart phone Repairing Technician.

Can also do your own business of laptop/smart phone sale & service.

10000+ Happy Clients!